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G Emil Reutter is a Philadelphia, Pa. based poet and author. He has worked in the factories, steel mills and rails of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. His work has been widely published in the small and electronic press and eight volumes of his collections have been published. He has read his poetry at venues in New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Arizona and Texas. In 2007 he founded The Fox Chase Review and The Fox Chase Reading Series.

His latest collection of poetry titled Carvings. Poet Louis McKee had this to say about Carvings:

"He sits along the creek, / ducks and geese …. /  Mostly, he stares upward / into
the trees…."   g. emil reutter is an urban poet, a man with a city and a town, with
family and friends, but in this collection he finds succor, comfort and peace in the
fringes of nature, the cold, swift anonymity of creeks and rivers and denizens of
the margins. There is a kind of surprising and disarming attentiveness in these
poems.  The stench of cigarette ash and the resinous swell of pines are as much
a part of these moments as the wise and careful worry, the sharp memories, and
quiet hope.  "I am here / in the terrible now / of life’s / twists and turns / …. I am  
here / in the beautiful now / of unspeakable / love…."  As you turn from the last
of these poems, you want to tell the poet, "Thank you for noticing."

Reutter describes this 144 page collection in the introduction to Carvings:

“We are very much like the old oak trees found in a public park. People stop and leave their marks on the trees, carving with a knife, initials, hearts with initials, a piece of someone left behind. Like the oak, people stop and leave their mark on us, some gently, some carve us not so gently. As time passes, these carvings left on us, form who we are, how we view the world and how long we last in the world. Our time is shorter than the great oak yet the carvings we carry are more numerous, deeper, sometimes fading but always there. These poems represent some carvings in my life, some minor others lasting.”

Carvings by g emil reutter


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